New Scouter

This is the “go to” source of information on initial steps to be taken to become a Scouter in the 1st Kanata Scout Group.

New Scouter Registration Checklist:

Say Hello before going any further.  Please contact Group Commissioner at prior to registering.   They will be able to give you some background information and answer any questions you may have.

Register.   You can register online at

You may already have a MyScouts account for registering your child, if so use that.

If you are registering as a Scouter and your child was registered in an account created by your spouse, please contact the  Group Registrar before going any further.

If you do not already have an account through a registered child, you will need to create a new account.  

If you have any difficulties logging in or registering, please contact the Group Registrar.

Verify your (and your family) information is accurate; you can update some of your own information on-line.  Let the Registrar know if you require other changes.

Reference Checks.

As part of the registration process you need to supply five (5) references and it is important that most of them have known you for more then 5 years.  Below is the information about the references that are needed:

Candidates should be prepared with their character references full names, email addresses and relationship with the reference. Family members including spouses are not accepted as valid references due to inherent bias. Up to 5 references will be accepted. We are seeking three completed references to fulfill the requirement.

Who should my character references be?

a. A co-worker or workplace supervisor

b. If the individual has volunteered with another youth-serving organization, a person from the organization. Where the applicant has volunteered with another organization and has not provided a reference from that organization, the file is referred to the Safe Scouting Department

c. Others who can attest to the person’s character

d. At least two references who have known the applicant for the past five years

e. More character references, when a workplace or youth-serving organization reference cannot be provided

They must be able to reply to an email in English or French. They must, therefore, have an email address. 

Tip: Some email addresses are protected by firewalls & may prevent the reference check email from being received. Request personal email addresses from references rather than work email addresses. Specifically, avoid Government of Canada email addresses.  

PRC VSS.  Do a Police Record Check (PRC) Vulnerable Sector - DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This can be done online through the Ottawa Police Services.

The  Group Registrar  will send you the information to complete the PRC/VSS and the Volunteer Letter that is required to get the check free of charge.

Interview.   The Group Commissioner will arrange an Interview with you; 

There will be another scouter in the interview too - probably the Section Scouter from the Section you are applying to join.

Interviews are in-person and take about an hour - it's an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to find out more about scouting.

If at all possible, we would like to do the interview at your house (rather than coffee shops etc).  If that is not doable, then please let us know.

You will be required to complete the Scouting Fundamentals adventure before being invited to interview (see Initial Training below).

Initial Online Training.  Training is available online through your MyScouts account.  You need to complete Scouting Fundamentals for Canadian Path to become a Scouters.  This training includes a course called Respect in Sport.  1st Kanata will reimburse you for the fee required for Respect in Sport upon successful completion of the course. 

Code of Conduct.  You will need to sign the Code of Conduct each and every year.  You will be able to do this online when you first go into MyScouts.  Please make sure you have done this prior to your interview - it will form part of our discussion.

Approval.  Once you have worked through all those steps, Voyageur Council should approve you.   Once you are approved, you may wear a red shirt (keep your receipt) and join a meeting as a scouter.   Now the learning adventure really starts.

Once Approved.  You will be sent a 1st Kanata Google mail email address ( and then sign in at   You will also be given access to your section's Scoutstracker account as a Scouter.   

Uniform.  You will also be given a 1st Kanata necker (see investiture below) and can purchase a red Scouter uniform shirt from the Scout Shop.  You will be reimbursed for your first red uniform shirt by 1st Kanata.

Continue Learning

Woodbadge I.  You have one year from the date you registered as a Scouter to complete the online Woodbadge I training.

The best place and time to learn about being a scouter is by actually doing the role.

Make use of all the other scouters - they have a lot of knowledge between them.  Not only the scouters in your section, but the other Sections and Group too.

Find out about the Canadian Path Program - there are lots of on-line resources here

Browse the Scouter's resources applicable for your section online at (Scouter's tab)

Download and read the new Canadian Path Scouter Manual

First Aid.   We encourage all Scouters to have current First Aid certification.  1st Kanata will reimburse you for your first aid training.   If you can get training through your work, even better.  

Other Courses.  Voyageur Council run a wide variety of courses to help you develop your skills as a Scouter; the in-person training schedule (WB1, First Aid and all other courses) under Voyageur Council.   In general, all approved training is reimbursed by 1st Kanata Group.  If you have a particular interest, please bring it to our attention.


You will be officially welcomed to the Section and Group by means of an investiture ceremony - here you will be presented to the section.

Once you have completed the full WoodBadge 1, you will receive a Leather woven woggle; now is the time to submit a copy of your uniform receipt to your Section Scouter for reimbursement by the Group Committee.

General Information - You need to know this:

a)      Section: You belong to a ( Section ) at one of 5 - Program Levels:  

b)      1st Kanata Scout Group: The 1st Kanata Scout Group is responsible for the overall Scouting Program across all our sections and their Program Levels.  The Group Committee comprises:

 The Group Committee meets monthly (usually the 2nd Tuesday of each month) at the Beaverbrook Community Centre.  The Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (KBCA) has been our community partner since 1966 when we received our very first Charter..

c)      Voyageur Council is one of 20 Councils across Canada and is located in the same building as Scouts Canada National HQ, on Baseline Road (Scout Shop).  The Council operates specific programs and also provides the Events and Training coordination across the greater Areas. The Council staff we interact with are part of Eastern & Northern Ontario Service Scouting Centre (ENOSSC) and also serve 2 other Councils.

d)      Scouts Canada has it's National office on Baseline Rd. oversees the Scouting Program in Canada.  This is the source for all official Canada-wide documentation (i.e. policies and forms) and program material.

Program Resources:  There is a wealth of resources available at the National site, under the Scouter’s banner: of particular interest is the Scouter Manual and the Trail Map programs.  The New Scouter Welcome Kit is also a source of information pertaining to the Program elements necessary for a complete program.  

 Questions? Contact your section Scouter or the Group Commissioner or the Group Registrar for any assistance.

Thank you for stepping forward and contributing to the 1st Kanata Scout Group Program  - without you, there is no scouting.