How to Sell a Bike


Mlacak Centre Ice Rink, 2500 Campeau, Kanata ON

Drop-off of is at the rear-corner of the arena.

For directions click here


Fri 21 Apr 2023 from 6-8 pm

Drop-off only, at the rear-corner door.

Sat 22 Apr 2023 from 7-8:30am

Drop-off only at the rear-corner door.

Sat from 11:15-11:45am pick up unsold bikes/items and/or 80% of seller's price of item sold.


Take your bike (or other items) to the Mlacak Centre (see times and location above).

When you arrive, there will be signs showing where to go.

PLEASE NOTE: While we can take many bike related items; WE WILL NOT accept bike helmets.

If there is a line up, please join it. You will have an opportunity to wipe down your bike, inflate the tires, remove security-chains / locks which will help increase the chances of selling.

Once you enter the rink area, you will be greeted by someone who will help you set a price for your bike. They know typical prices for a bike, what people are willing to pay at the event and have information about sales at previous events. Your bike may be worth more or less than you think or would like. They are only suggesting a price, you decide that.

Take your bike to one of the registration tables. The person there will:

  • Ask for your name.

  • Ask for the amount you would like for your bike (you can use the use the value provided by our pricers - but you don't have to).

  • Ask you if you would like to donate the bike/item if it doesn't sell.

  • Tag the bike and give you a receipt with the Bike's Tag number and the price you asked for.

  • Give you information about collecting payment.

  • Ask you for $1 for each item you register - please have change with you.

Your bike will be taken in to a rack.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We will present the bike for sale in the condition that you bring it in - so please remove any locks or security-chains, ensure the tires are inflated (there will be pumps at the main door) and give it a quick clean / wipe over.

If you are bringing a bike to donate, you can by-pass the line; just ask one of the Bike Exchange & Sale volunteers to take it from you. We may sell it this year or next depending on its condition.

Sellers will not be allowed into the main selling area.


If you told us you would donate it, we will load it in our truck and return it to our workshop. Thank you :-)

Very Important

If you want it back, you should collect it before 12:00 - we'll tell you it hasn't sold when you come to collect your payment. NOTE - we have to exit the building by midday and any bikes/items not collected by then will be deemed to have been donated. We will load these bike onto our truck last - but once we are gone, then so is your bike.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at


If your bike has sold (and most do) then you should arrive back at the rink between 11:15 and 11:45am on the Saturday morning to collect payment.

  • Find the numbered table that corresponds with your Receipt / Tag Number.

  • Present your receipt and collect your money. All money will have been put into an envelope with your Receipt Number(s) on.

  • We will have retained 20% - so if you asked for $20 for your bike/item and it sold, you will find $16 in your envelope.

If you are not able to collect payment - please let us know by e-mail at and we will try to get the money to you another way.