How to Buy a Bike


Mlacak Centre Ice Rink, 2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata ON

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Sat 22 Apr 2023 from 8:30-11:00am

Arrive early at the front door as there may a line-up



  • Arrive at the Mlacak Centre on Saturday morning.

  • When you arrive at the Mlacak Centre parking lot, there will be signs telling you where to go.

  • People will be permitted into the Arena/Seating area (not onto the sale floor) at 8:00 am. As they enter the Arena/Seating area they will be given a ticket (one per person).

  • Follow the directions to the seating area - seating is in accordance with your ticket number as you will be allowed onto the sales area in the order of arrival.

  • From 8:30 am onwards, you will be called forward in groups in order of the numbers on the tickets.

  • There will be gaps of several minutes between each group being called. This is to ensure that each group gets chance to look at the bikes and also to keep numbers on the floor to a safe and manageable level.

Every so often, we will ask those seated in the bleachers to move down to make space for more people coming in. Please work with the people directing you.

You will be able to visit washrooms.


  • Look for a bike you will like to buy.

  • There will be an area where you can try them. Anyone under 18 is encouraged to wear a helmet to ride a bike.

  • There will also be people that you can ask about sizing and technical matters.

  • We can help adjust the seat or handlebars but we cannot make any repairs. Bikes are sold as is.

  • Once you have found the bike(s) you like, take them to the check out / cash to pay for the bike.

  • Payment is cash or cheque (with ID) only. There is no ATM in the building; the nearest ATMs are Signature Centre (BMO), Centrum (TD, CIBC, ScotiaBank ), or March Road (RBC, HSBC)

PLEASE NOTE: Prices are set by the seller and are non-negotiable. Bikes cannot be "saved" for you, it is first come first served.