Sizing & Safety

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How to Size a Helmet

When checking and fitting a helmet, check that:

  • Helmet should lay flat on head, and when fitted properly and should not move – follow the “2 V 1” rule (See diagram)
    • Take two (2) fingers and place them above the eyebrow. The helmet should lay flat against the participant’s forehead, with limited skin showing.
    • Take two fingers; make a "V" shape. Place the two V’s around your ears. These fingers represent the straps that lay flat around the ear.
    • Have youth do up the clasp. Take one finger, and place it between the chin, and the strap - that is all the space that should be allowed. ** Once fitted properly, the helmet should not move more than one (1) inch in any direction
  • Helmet has an APPROVED sticker from a designated testing agency listed in the Highway Traffic Act. (CSA, CPSC, ANSI, BSI, ASTM, SAA)
  • The helmet is an actual Bicycle Helmet (should be listed on the sticker inside the helmet)
  • Helmet should be in good condition. When checking the helmet, make sure there are no dents to the outer shell, and make sure the foam in the interior is intact.
  • Helmet is under 5 years of age (the sticker in the inside of the helmet will have the date of manufacturing)