Thank a Volunteer

Did you just come back from a great camp, or participate in a fun event? Why not thank the dedicated people who made it happen!

Click the "badge" below to fill in a Scouts Canada Thanks form.  

You'll need this information when you click on the Thanks Button (below):

  • First and Last name of the Scouter, Scouter in Training or Activity Leader:
Try to use the person's full name Fred Smith - you can use their scout name in the middle too e.g. Fred “Sunshine” Smith.
  • Council:  Voyageur (2nd from bottom of drop-down list)
  • Area:       Carleton Area (3rd in drop-down list)
  • Group:    1st Kanata Group
  • You then have a box that you can write your 'thank you' message in.  You only have 450 characters which is a short paragraph.  You can write whatever you want in there - it could be for a specific event, or a more general comment 'thanks for a great year'.  
  • Date:  For a specific event  - such as a camp, please try to give the actual date.  If it is a more general thank you that covers the whole year, then put today’s date.
  • Your name:   give your full name: e.g.  Sarah Jones
  • Relationship to scouter:   Say who you are e.g.:   Mother of Sid Jones, C Colony  or Section Scouter etc
  • Your e-mail address and/or phone.   Sometimes it is good to be able to contact you just to clarify what you have written and who it's for.

Then hit 'Update'

Thank you for saying ‘Thank you’.   It will truly make a scouter’s day :-)