New Scouter Reference Page


This is the “go to” source of information on initial steps to be taken to become a Scouter in the 1st Kanata Scout Group.

Personal Checklist:

  • Registration online at  If you haven't already spoken with the Group Commissioner, please contact them at prior to registering. 
  • Police Record Check (PRC) submitted (letter received from Group Registrar and documentation brought to Police Station).
  • Interview with Scouters scheduled and completed.
  • PRC original received back from Police to Scouter then forwarded to Group Registrar
  • Login and verify your (and your family) information is accurate.  Email the Group Registrar and Section Scouter of any changes required.
  • WoodBadge I (WB1) training completed in Section through or in-person.  Check here for any courses available prior to first meeting of the year.
  • Accessibility training online through
  • Child Youth and Safety completed online through
  • Review and accept the Code of Conduct online.

Registration Details:

a)      Register on  Contact the Group Registrar if you have any difficulties logging into MyScouts.  If you have had youth in the program recently, you may already have an account and we need to assist you matching that information so that a duplicate account isn't created (and not linked to your youth).  Also note that 5 references are now required and only 1 may be a family relation.  Be advised that at least two references, within the first 3 on the list, should know of your recent interaction with youth.

b)      Police Record Check Process: (If you have a cleared PRC within the past 6 months, and can provide the original, please let the Registrar know.)

a.       Obtain Letter from the Group Registrar .  This letter allows the Police to waive the applicable fees.

b.      Scouter takes letter and IDs (passport, driver's license, etc. as instructed on form) to Police Station.

c.      If your DoB/gender match an offender withing the RCMP database, you may require a trip to 160 Elgin for fingerprint identification (disproving from database match).

d.      Police mail the assessed PRC to the Scouter.

e.      Scouter to asap return original to the Registrar.  If you’d like the original back, just clip a note to the PRC.  Once Council sees the original, it will be mailed/delivered back to you.

c)      An Interview will be scheduled with yourself, the Contact Scouter and the Group Commissioner.

d)   Upon logging into your account on, the Code of Conduct will be presented for your review and acceptance.

e)      References will be contacted.  

f)    Training is part of the Registration process, however it may be completed at your convenience prior to becoming a registered Scouter.  Only registered Scouters can participate in section meetings and contribute towards ratio.

Once the above items are complete, and acceptance has been provided by the Group Commissioner, you may purchase a uniform.  You will then be invested at a suitable meeting/venue in the near future.  Please submit a copy of your uniform receipt to your section Scouter for reimbursement by the Group Committee.


Before becoming a Scouter, and to maintain such designation, Scouters are required to take WoodBadge 1 (WB1) in their section level.  This online or in-person course is critical in providing our members with the Code of Conduct and associated policies of Scouts Canada.
In addition, Accessibility training is also required and must be taken online (46min video).
Child Youth Safety (CYS) training is also required and must be taken online.  In order for this course to be deemed complete, all questions must be answered correctly.  In its entirety, the course is 70 min long.

To access all online Training, login to and follow the links. [Training tab top right, then E-Learn Login dark green button on left].  The "Training Catalog" is used to browse to a desired course and enroll.  The "My Training" tab is used to see which of the enrolled course(s) are completed.


Take the following courses:

Accessibility Training

Child Youth and Safety

Wood Badge I  -  Module 1 (all Sections)  [this is typically also required prior to the in-person course for Module 2-5.]

   - Within each Module 2-5, take only the Section you need.

The in-person training schedule (WB1, First Aid and all other courses) under Voyageur Council can be found here:  Please note that for your first in-person WB1, the Module 1 must be completed online/E-Learn (see above).

First Aid is recommended for all adults.  The first Scouter per section is currently paid for by Carleton Area funds.  Additional Scouters are reimbursed by 1st Kanata Group.

In general, all approved training is reimbursed by 1st Kanata Group.  If you have a particular interest, please bring it to our attention.

General Information:

a)      Section: You belong to a section level Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers with a section of Colony (A or B), Pack (Cobra, Lynx or Falcon), Troop or Company respectively.

b)      Group: The 1st Kanata Scout Group is responsible for the Scouting Program within our serving area.  The Group Committee is comprised of the Group Commissioner, Group Registrar, Group Treasurer, Quartermaster, Group Scouter, Event Coordinator and the Contact Scouter from each section and meet monthly at the Beaverbrook Community Centre.  The Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association (KBCA) has been our sponsor since 1965.

c)       Carleton Area to which 1st Kanata is one of 11 Groups.  Area representatives (Group Commissioners, Service Scouters and the Area Commissioner) meet monthly.  The Area conducts large events such as the Whitetail Sleepover, Winter Beaveree/Cuberee, Klondike Derby and the May Camporee.

d)      Voyageur Council is one of 20 Councils across Canada and is located in the same building as National, on Baseline Road (Scout Shop).  The Council operates specific programs and also provides the Events and Training coordination across the greater Areas. The Council staff we interact with are part of Eastern & Northern Ontario Service Scouting Centre (ENOSSC) and also serve 2 other Councils.

e)      National office on Baseline Rd. oversees the Scouting Program in Canada.  This is the source for all official Canadian-wide documentation (i.e. policies and forms) and program material.

Program Resources:  There is a wealth of resources available at the National site, under the Scouter’s banner: of particular interest is the Leaders Handbook and the Jumpstart programs.  The New Scouter Welcome Kit is also a source of information pertaining to the Program elements necessary for a complete program.  Our Group Scouter, Michael Goldthorp ( is your go-to person for any Program planning and delivery questions.


Questions? Contact your section Scouter or the Group Commissioner or the Group Registrar for any assistance.

Thank you for stepping forward and contributing to the youth within 1st Kanata.

Yours in Scouting,

Graham Birkenhead

1st Kanata Group Commissioner